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Business Financial Solutions

Our company specializes in helping businesses obtain

-Working Capital
-Medical Capital
-Business loans for acquisitions and expansion
-SBA business loans for acquisitions and expansion up to
$5 million.  
-Secured line of credit for average credit score
-Unsecured line of credit for business borrowers with credit
score over 710
-Unsecured high limit business credit cards "Hot"
-Micro loans and large loans
-Financial instruments loans including stocks, bonds, mutual
funds, T-Bills, and others
-Assets based loans including loans against properties,
equipment, vehicles, inventory, accounts receivables,  and
other business assets
-Commercial real estate loans
-90% financing available for purchasing apartment buildings
-90% financing available for construction new apartment
-Hard money loans
-Equipment leasing and financing
-Consolidation of business loans and other debt
-Purchase order financing
-Help take your company public to be traded on the stock

World Wide Financing Program
-Worldwide financing and special commercial program
available from $5 million to $50 million for Mexico, Central
and Latin America.

Raise Money from Investors through our Access to
Nationwide Auction System
-Use the power of auction system to raise capital fast for
your projects or company by selling your unwanted assets/
properties “real estate, equipment, boat, aircraft, etc.” to
investors who are willing to purchase for top dollar.

Investors call center program
-Investors for viable projects are provided through call center
program.  The call center will arrange for you to discuss your
project directly with investor or multiple investors or partners

Joint venture investment program available for
-Commercial real estate projects
-Universities and hospitals
-Manufacturing companies with unique products.

Capital For Business
$15k to $200M

Payroll funding
Easy to qualify
Funding in 1 to 3 days
$25,000 to $500,000
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Financial Links
Business Credit Cards
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Financial Links
Business Credit Cards
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Free Consultation
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